10% of our profits go to charity

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10% of our profit goes to charity

hoops & hugs is rooted in solidarity. We like to give back to charities that make our world a better place, because that one little globe is something we all share.

Each collection donates 10% of its profit to a specific charity. To ensure that this runs smoothly, we make a donation every quarter. Find out which collection is linked to which charity below!

Uniquely you - Kom op tegen Kanker

In 2011 my grandmother died of breast cancer. She was extremely important to me and I have always kept the memories I have of her. The first hoops & hugs jewelry pieces were made based on those memories.

Kom op tegen Kanker is a Belgian charity that offers emotional and financial support to patients and loved ones. It also invests in cancer research. Through the Uniquely You collection you donate to Kom op tegen Kanker.

Gepersonaliseerde, handgeschreven naam of initiaal ketting uit 14k gold-filled materiaal

Fingerprints - Berrefonds

Het Berrefonds provides free support to parents and family members who experience the unthinkable: losing a child. They do this through 'Koesterkoffers', suitcases with carefully selected items that serve as keepsakes, and emotional support through conversatons in 'het Koesterhuis'.

The jewelry from the Fingerprints collection support het Berrefonds.

Gepersonaliseerde vingerafdruk ketting uit 14k gold-filled materiaal