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Care & maintenance

Every jewel should be treated with care, including the hoops & hugs earrings.

All earrings are made of sterling silver (with a .925 silver stamp) or stainless steel. The sterling silver earrings are nickel-free and can therefore be worn by people with a nickel allergy without any problems. The stainless steel collection may contain (to a small extent) nickel.

To ensure that your hoops & hugs earrings last as long as possible, please take the following tips into account:

- Avoid contact with water, chlorine and soap. So don't wear your earrings in the shower or bath, as this will cause color changes.

- When applying your make-up, skin care and perfume, we recommend that you do not wear your earrings. The ingredients in these products can have an impact on the color of your earrings.

- Do not wear your earrings at bedtime and while exercising. Sweat and the acidity of your skin can cause your earrings to discolor.

- Don't let go of your earrings in your handbag. Abrasive surfaces can damage your earrings, cause scratches and make the clasp more fragile.

- Finally, do not keep your earrings in damp areas such as the bathroom and shield them from light as much as possible. It is therefore best to keep them in a toe box that does not allow light to pass through.

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