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How do you take a fingerprint picture?

To engrave your fingerprint on a piece of jewelry, we need a clear photo. The sharper the picture, the more accurate the engraving will be. Follow the steps below to easily take a clear picture of your fingerprint.

For handwritings and drawings are normal picture is ok, given it is sharp enough.

Getting started

You will need: a paper, pencil and tape.

And a finger, of course. 😉

If you have an ink pad at home, you can certainly also use that! They typically give good results too.

Benodigdheden voor het nemen van een vingerafdruk: papier, potlood en plakband

Step 1

Take your pencil & paper and color a relatively large box. Definitely don't be stingy with your pencil. The more, the better the result.

Stap 1: Neem je potlood & papier en kleur een relatief groot vak in. Wees zeker niet spaarzaam met je potlood

Step 2

Hold a clean finger against the colored area. Press your finger firmly.

Stap 2: Hou een propere vinger tegen het potloodvlak. Druk je vinger goed aan.

Step 3

Your finger should now have a distinct gray pencil color. Take the tape and cut off a piece. Make sure not to put too many fingerprints on the tape.

Stap 3 Je vinger zou nu een duidelijke grijze potloodkleur moeten hebben.

Step 4

Stick the tape in the same direction as your finger. Try to stick them in one smooth way and avoid wrinkles in the tape as this might distort the picture of the fingerprint.

Stap 4: Plak de plakband tegen het verlengde van je vinger.

Step 5

Gently peel the tape off your finger and stick it on a plain white paper. Your end result should look something like this photo. This is perfect for us to get started with!

Stap 5: Haal de plakband voorzichtig van je vinger en kleef ze tegen een effen wit papier.

Do you want to have your newborn's fingerprints engraved in a piece of jewelry?

As of 5 months it is normally possible to take a clear picture of your newborn's fingerprints. Your baby is born with fingerprints, but the ridges are often not distinctive enough right after birth. This makes it more difficult to take a clear, accurate picture.

Would you like to have a piece of jewelry based on the print of a deceased loved one?

Be sure to contact the funeral home, they should be able to help you out with this. Although it depends on the funeral home, taking fingerprints can usually be done on request.

Are your photos not 'clear enough'?

Send us an email, we always try to help you out!